Tips On How to Know If the Soccer Total Goal Will Be Over Or Under

So now you are interested about tips on how to know if the soccer total goal will be over or under? Even though it is as old as the betting system itself, many punters are hesitant to join the bet. Yes, it might seem easy when you don’t know the rules. The point is to guess whether the total goals from both teams will be over or under the mentioned value. In fact, this is not simple task at all.

Tips On How to Know If the Soccer Total Goal Will Be Over Or Under

  1. Stay Away From Last Week List

As a beginner or professional bettors, one must have pages of team achievement tracking. Once you open the book, you could easily decide which team will be likely to win the match. Think again. Over or under betting do not play on which side will win. It only cares about the total goals scored along the match. You can find these information at betting sites like the the leading sportsbook online website and Asia top best bookies.

For this reason, you have to be careful when scrolling through the data. Instead of eyeing the temporary result four weeks behind, it would be better to look deeper into the team; their ability and potential. This information is far better and useful to determine how many goals a team could score.

  1. Look for Real Number, Not Averages

One misleading step done by many bookies is looking for the averages. Taking 15 matches from the team, they try to calculate the average goal of the team and make it a milestone while placing a bet. Think carefully: even one odd number that goes outside the pattern change the whole strategy.

Therefore, it is suggested to look at the number of occurrences. How many times the team scores three or above goals? In that occasion, who are the players? These details are far more helpful in over or under bet.

  1. Stay Low

When you decide to join the bet, do not expect some decent offer like 2.5 or 2. Many dealers would try to trap you by offering the high bet first: 4.0, 7.0, etc. These bets will give you less chance to win. Unless you have strong basis to join the bet, the best choice is to stay low. Particularly for those who try under over bet for the first time, 2.5 is the safe block to stand. It will surely give you huge chance to win.

  1. Analyze Deeper

In addition to track goals occurrences, you could bet on far more accurate prediction if you do deeper analysis. Keep an eye on the goal makers in the team, how many times their shoots kick in, how many times they miss the shoot, and how well their condition on the match. These may look simple, but it will give you more hints for the true scoring potential.

For each betting method, you have to apply different strategy. Even though the general suggestion is similar, in the end the detail plays important role. It is a good thing that you keep tracking team’s achievement. But, you have to take it lightly. Playing modestly is one of the tips on how to know if the soccer total goal will be over or under. Good luck!

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