Magic of oz slot - game reviews on how to win and get free spins

Magic of oz slot – game reviews on how to win and get free spins

Slot machine games of Magic of oz slot are the most loved casino games in today’s world since they are the easiest and most reachable as well. All the casinos in Casino E-Games, Slot Mobile Betting, Big Wins Free Spins offer a large variety of slot machine games which you can play and enjoy. We are going to provide you with magic of oz slot – game reviews on how to win and get free spins.

Magic of oz slot - game reviews on how to win and get free spins
Magic of oz slot – game reviews on how to win and get free spins

Magic of oz slot game reviews:

It is a 6 reels and 80 pay lines video slot machine game Slot Machine Games, Free Slot Betting Website. The slot game is designed by games OS and CTXM. The slot game is designed after the adventures of Dorothy and her friends towards the city of Emerald. The slot game has an unusual reel setting. They are basically green in color and are set against the landscape of yellow brick road backdrop.

Bet types:

There are several different bet types in the slot machine game Slot E-Games Machine On Pc, Mobile IOS, Android. With the total bet, the coins size could be set which ranges from 8 to 800. The ‘turbo’ button in the game is used for spinning the reels faster than usual. The ‘auto’ button is used for setting the reels in motion without getting interrupted for a selected number of times. The ‘spin’ button is used for starting the reels to turn.

Wild symbol:

The wild symbol in the game is the emerald stone. The wild symbol in this game can create its own winning combos. The wild icon replace all the icons except for the bonus symbol. By landing the featured wild symbol, the player gets 2 re-spins. During the re-spin feature, all the wild symbols gets freeze at the reels. The reward is won after the re-spin feature ends.

Bonus game:

On reels 1, 2 and 3 the bonus symbol appears which the yellow brick road is. By landing 3 of these symbols, the bonus game is triggered. Which makes you get 3 free spins and x1 multiplier. The bonus game further has 2 rounds.

How to win the slot game and get free wins:

The free spins in the game can be won by scoring the wild symbol. The game has a lot of free spins options and you can easily win the free spins by scoring the wild symbols according to the strategy. Few tips to win the game are given as follow:

Go for Glinda: you must land the Glinda whenever you find one in the game. It is the best way to increase your rescues and the total payout as well.

Utilize the butterflies: you must utilize all the butterflies present on the screen. The butterflies help you to score the better items which automatically increases your total payout.

Know the super items: the super items are mentioned as follow which are the key to success in the game.

  • When you match four items in a single row, magic beams is created.
  • Matching four items in a square shape activates the magic butterflies which let you win amazing items.
  • Matching five items in a L or T shape activates the magic bubbles. They work like bombs and match all the surrounding items in a go.
  • Matching five items in a row creates the glinda’s crystal ball which is the ultimate super item. It matches itself with all the surrounding items immediately.
  • Matching 6 items in a T shape will activate the ultimate lollipop which will repaint all the regular items being swapped with it.
  • The supers can be combined with each other to create the devastating effects.

Always go for your objective: think about your moves before the game and stick to them throughout the game.

Magic of oz slot game is an excellent slot machine game highly recommended for the beginners. Some winning tips in the game are mentioned in this article which you must follow in order to increase your total payout.

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