Items and services offered at casinos

Items and services offered at casinos

Items and services offered by casinos are generally termed as comps. These items and services are usually given out to players in order to encourage them to gamble with such casinos. The type of the game played by players at casinos, the amount of money they placed on their bets, and the time they spend at the casino playing are the ones that are used to determine the amount of comps the players has to be given.

In most of the casinos, there are casino host whose task is to give out the free goods to people and also contact them to come back to the gambling site. There might be also pit bosses that usually award the items to the players at the casino table. In most casinos, the casino owners have encouraged the players to have a player’s club or card that looks similar to that, this helps the dealers in monitoring the game play and thus the comps awarded in effective manner.

Items and services offered at casinos

Items and services offered at casinos
Items and services offered at casinos

Levels of the items and the services offered at the casino

Levels of items and services offered at casinos ranges from the lowest to the highest levels. In many of the gambling site free alcohol is the lowest item which is offered as a comp. To encourage gamblers to gamble in certain casinos, such casinos do offer free drink in attempt to attract them.

A free meal is another comp offered by casino free of charge. Many restaurants are owned by casinos and can opt to offer free meals to the players in order to attract them and also maintain them. In offering free meals, players are usually given an amount to spend but in other occasion’s particulars with high rollers they can be allowed to make order of a lot of food.

Free hotel rooms are the third level in the line. Some of the casinos are attached with hotel room and other may not be able to have such facilities. In offering this service to the customer those that have their own hotel rooms will have to give out them to the customers but for those have not constructed their own will have to high them for the customers from the nearby restaurants.

Some of the casinos also offer other special kinds of comps to players especially those players who are high rollers. Such comps include airfare reimbursement, limo rides, and show tickets, among others.

Players are also offered with mail which can free bet, free meals, discounted or free rooms or sometimes can free entries to the entertainment.

Calculation of comps

There are different ways in which players qualify to be offered comps by different casino. Some of the casinos require that for a player to get a comp he or she should have played the game at the table for certain period of time. The amount of time spends by a player at the casino together with the amount of money he/she has gambled is always directly proportional to the level of expected comp to be offered. Comps are always awarded to the gambler on the basis of their theoretical loss.

Comp hustling

Gamblers are always excited about the items offered for free at the casinos. There is a demand for such item in the market but the items are rarely used by casual gamblers because there is incorrect view of this opinion and misunderstanding among the players.

There are also comp hustlers, which are the gamblers who utilize their attempt to make use the comps and on the other hand they minimize their losses at the game.


Online casinos do offer a number of bonuses which are taken have similarities with that of casino comps at brick and mortar.

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