How to Bet On Tennis

How to Bet On Tennis

To know how to bet on tennis, we first need to see what exactly tennis is and how one can predict the outcome of a tennis match. Tennis, is a ball and racket game which can be played with a single opponent or between a team of 2 people. One has to hit the ball with the racket which is in your hand and try to place the ball in your opponent’s court. This is the basic principle to play tennis. There are various rules which govern this game.

How to Bet On Tennis

How to Bet On Tennis
How to Bet On Tennis


The first question arises, who will start the game or who will serve the ball first. This situation can be tackled by a simple coin toss. The person who wins the toss we be given a choice of which side he wants to choose or who wants to serve first.

Until the set is complete the server continues to serve the ball and only when the set is complete, the serving, changes hands.

Fault and double fault

A server has 2 chances to serve the ball legally to the opponent. The serve should be diagonally placed within a rectangular border to the receiver. So if the server misses the first chance to place a legal serve, that’s called first fault. And if the server fails to serve his second serve legally then it is known as double fault giving the opponent a point.

Counting scores

The point system in this game is as follows:

  • 1 point scored – 15 points
  • 2 points scored – 30 points
  • 3 points scored – 40 points
  • 4 points scored – set over
  • No points scored – Love

As we get through the basics of the game, let’s work out on making money through the game!

How to bet on tennis

Every betting needs to be done on basis of analysis and keeping records. And by the help of online sports betting sites like Malaysia Online Sports Betting Site, Live in Play Bets. Here are some tips which might be useful for betting:

Always bet where you can find value

The basic rule for betting in each sport is, always bet where you can find value. If betting in tennis, you need to know and identify the tennis value bets.

Good money management

Money management is one very important key to place bets. Just like valuing, you need to have good money management skills to earn money in long run.

Betting records

Always keep records of your previous bets. There is saying which goes by “Learn from your previous mistakes”, therefore, it’s necessary for you to keep past records so that you don’t make the same mistake twice.

Suspect seed

One will always back their favorites in a game. But it’s important to research for a player for his past twelve month records, so that you understand what the odds of the player winning are. This research and analysis of the player is known as seeding, hence giving the term suspect seed.

Analyze serving and receiving

As mentioned earlier, tennis is a game of serving and receiving. Hence analysis of the gameplay is very necessary if your intentions are of winning the money.

There are many other points that are considered before betting in tennis:

  • head to head matchups
  • assessing surface
  • playing styles
  • following tennis betting tips

With these mentioned points the chances of winning your bets go up exponentially.


Always research and analyze the game thoroughly before placing any bets, so that chances of you loosing goes down. With the given tips, one can win millions easily just by clicking some intelligent bet. Happy Betting!   

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