Helpful Example When Doing Ice Hockey HDP & O/U Betting

Helpful Example When Doing Ice Hockey HDP & O/U Betting

As the name implies, ice hockey is a team sport played on ice. Form of the game is almost similar to football. Players wearing skating shoes so that it can move quickly on the ice. Ice hockey ball (called a puck) of the disc-shaped rubber. Hockey stick used to hit or pass the ball on the surface of the ice. Scores are printed by inserting the ball into the net; goalkeeper trying to prevent the entry of the ball. When playing, one team consists of six players.

Ice hockey is very well known and well liked in those countries were cool enough to form a layer of ice in the open field, particularly in the Americas and Europe, for example in Canada, Russia, Sweden, Finland, the Czech Republic, the northern United States, Latvia, and Slovakia, After the indoor ice rink, ice hockey has become a favorite sport throughout the year.

Although not as popular as soccer, but ice hockey is also included in one of the sports that are on The biggest Online Sports Betting Site In Malaysia. Ice hockey betting enthusiasts are also quite a lot. Moreover, this type of ice hockey betting market is also similar to the wide range betting market in online soccer betting, such as handicap betting market, also known ice hockey handicap betting market.

Helpful Example When Doing Ice Hockey HDP & O/U Betting

Helpful Example When Doing Ice Hockey HDP & O/U Betting
Helpful Example When Doing Ice Hockey HDP & O/U Betting

This type of handicap betting market have often in pairs by the bettor and a member in the conduct betting on the two teams competing. Playing ice hockey betting by using a handicap market is also not too different from existing handicap betting on soccer betting at Best Online Sports Bookie Website & Asia Top Free Bets Bookmaker. Handicap in ice hockey are also still using voor system. This means that the team has assessed the better performance and ranking is the team that gave voor and usually marked in red, while the team assessed weaker is given voor team and are usually marked with blue.

We take an example, is a 0.5 handicap bets that can be interpreted by voor 1/2. For this example, we will take two teams from the NHL (National Hockey League), which is one of the most famous ice hockey league in the world. Two teams that we will take as an example is the Vancouver Canucks and Toronto Maple Leaf.

For example, you place a wager handicap of 0.5, which means Canucks vs + 0.5 Maple Leaf (Maple Leaf was given voor 1/2).

You choose the Canucks and the Canucks won (win full)

You choose the Canucks and the match ended a draw (losing full)

If you choose Maple Leaf and the match ended a draw (win full)

If you choose the Canucks and the Canucks lost (lost full)

Besides handicap betting market, there are also Over/Under betting market, almost similar with the Over/Under betting market in online soccer betting, in ice hockey Over/Under betting market this you are asked to choose an ice hockey match with the total goals over/under. Similar with Handicap, Over/Under betting market also has its own market. Examples Over 2,5 or Under 2.5, if you choose over, the number of goals of that match had more than two goals.

Here are some Tips on How to Win Over/Under in Ice Hockey game

First of all, you need to know about the condition of first team squad, whether there is some players of the team who were injured. If there is, then bet Over cannot be guaranteed safe. Then, you also need  to pay attention to the performance and rank of those two teams at Malaysia Online Sports Betting Site, Live in Play Bets, if both teams are seeded team in the competition or both teams have the ability to draw, then you should have to think a thousand times to place a bet Over. If one opponent is a team that is weak, you can consider to place a bet Under.

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