Effectiveness of Odd-Even Bet in Roulette

Besides of placing your bet on numbers in the wheels, you can play what bettors call out-side bet. You can bet whether the ball will stop in black or red number or you can also bet on odd-even bet. This kind of bet, especially the odd-even bet, is so tantalizing. Let’s see the effectiveness of odd-even bet in roulette.

Effectiveness of Odd-Even Bet in Roulette

  • What is odd-even bet?

Odd-even bet is a bet option on roulette to bet on all of even or odd numbers. Like black or red bet, this bet option also cover almost half of the number squares. The house edge varies in each region. American roulette takes 5,26%, European take 2,7%, while French take 1,35%. The payout, however, is uniform – which is 1:1.

  • How to do it

To place this bet, put chips on even or odd square. The squares are usually at the sides of black and red’s. The payout only doubles your wager, so invest more to get the best profit. It is wise to practice first, you can play free roulette games at Onlinecasinoqq288.com Trusted Live Casino Gambling Website In Malaysia to do this.

  • How effective is it?

The winning rate is just the same as black or red, which is 50:50. Zeros are not counted as even number. If we are counting the zeros, it would be 47,4% for double zeros (American) and 48,6% for single zero (European and French). If the roulette ball hit on a zero, there will be 50% payback.

  • Strategies to use

Since odd-even bets are straight forward and covers wide area, most bettors will use money management strategies like Martingale or Labouchere. However, it is easy to combine this bet with other bet options, such as:

  • High or Low

This is a very popular option that also covers half of the number squares. The payout is the same as odd and even, but hitting both bets is highly possible. The payout will increase to 2:1. Besides, this combination has such low risk for something with high winning rate. It is totally worthy to try, especially for beginner and lazy bettors.

  • Dozens

Do you want to step up your payout ratio without the risk? Choosing dozen may be a good choice. Since it is known among bettors that roulette ball tends to hit the middle area, investing on the middle dozen will be very profitable. It may be good to get the last dozen as well, as the ball sometimes rolls a bit to the high numbers.

  • Add Zero

Zero may not be counted in the winning rate, but it doesn’t mean they doesn’t exist. They are possible to happen. Therefore, betting on them will also profit.

  • Any Inside Bets

Do you have any lucky number or currently having intuition on certain squares? Inside bets can help you. In case there is a lucky number, bet on a straight. If your intuition telling you that certain areas will hit, use other inside bets such as quads or six lines.

How is it? The effectiveness of odd-even bet in roulette is never fail to make you to bet on it, right? Try to consider this bet if you play roulette again. It is indeed effective and can make you get more winning money. Happy betting!

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