Card counting can be used in online live dealer blackjack

Card counting can be used in online live dealer blackjack

Card counting is very useful in many card games inside actual and online casinos. Although this is not technically illegal, many casinos still prohibit it because it can cause them a lot of fortune.

Casinos see card counting as cheating because card counters are out-thinking the dealers which cause the casinos to lose a significant amount of money. What these casinos do is to deny entrance of these known card counters or simply eject them from casino premises.

Although this is the case, many players still do this. Some get caught and suffer the consequences while others smoothly get away with it. When it comes to online blackjack, online casinos still have varying systems wherein you can execute or not card counting.

Card counting in online blackjack at Live Casino Gambling Games And Best Free Bets Website can be done easily at first but there are still actually many things to consider first. First, online casinos are not simply deployed online without using advanced software and systems. Because of this, online casinos always have a way to counter acts like this. One example is to shuffle the decks used after every hand to give the card counters great difficulty in counting.

Next, just like actual casinos, online casinos like The most trusted live casino website in Malaysia developed a method to eject caught card counters from the game and from the website. These online casinos also have a record of known card counters so they will know if the player who just joined or signed up is a known card counter.

For online casinos that don’t have advanced systems to adjust from card counters, you may still perform card counting but they still record and analyze every move you make that may be signs of card counting.

Card counting can be used in online live dealer blackjack
Card counting can be used in online live dealer blackjack


While both actual and online casinos prohibit card counting in their tables, you may still use it but be sure to follow these tips to avoid getting caught. These tips can help you sharpen your skills quicker.

  • Purposively Commit Mistakes

This is one of the best methods to get full trust from guards that you are not a card counter. Ideally, card counters are supposed to get “perfect” rounds always because they can predict outcomes exactly. For you not to get attention, play as if you are still a regular player that commits mistakes and losing rounds.

  • Transfer Tables Before the Situation Gets Hot

It is a common mistake for card counters to stay on a single table for so long once they go on the roll. This creates too much attention and sometimes card counters loses its guard from watchers. It is very important to keep yourself discreet at all times.

  • Have Enough Practice Before Attempting Any Card Counting Methods

It is not a wise move to practice on an actual game because your chances of making an obvious move like looking at the other cards, increases which can catch too much attention. Practice first with your peers and take note of the things you must not do while in a casino table.

Your card counting in Best Malaysia Live Casino & Online Gambling Site method should be done all in your mind and avoid looking too much on the cards laid down. Practice sharpening your memory and analyzing skills first before getting in the “battle field”.  Also, try to read different articles in the internet on how to effectively count cards.

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