Body Weight Work outs for Beginners in Sports

Body Weight Work outs for Beginners in Sports

This is a basic circuit for body weight. In your circuit routine, you will do some exercise in succession without needing a break. Here is your write up for the routine.

  • Body weight squats (20)
  • Pushups (10)
  • Walking jungles (20)
  • Dumbbell rows (10) with the use of gallon milk jug
  • Second plank (15)
  • Jumping jacks (30)

After completing the workout session, make sure to do some stretching. All the muscles in your body have been contacted by means of lifting, so there is a need to stretch back and rebuild.

Body Weight Work outs for Beginners in Sports

Body Weight Work outs for Beginners in Sports
Body Weight Work outs for Beginners in Sports

If you do not know how to do lunges or body weight squats, you just put your own hand on support in order to keep your own balance.

For body weight squats, there is a need to think as if you are just sitting back into chair. You have an enough balance if you could sit down and stand immediately without leaning forward.

For lunges, it is necessary to keep your own eyes ahead and make sure that your upper body is vertical.

You can use the milk jug as the substitute for dumbbell, but you can also use other heavy materials if you want to. Make sure that the weight is enough for you in order to avoid uncertainties such as injuries in your health fitness training. This would allow you to build muscle strength that you are aiming for.

There is a need to perform this routine for two to three times every week, but not on the consecutive days. Put in mind that you do not build muscles when exercising, you build your own muscles when you are resting. You can follow your previous strength training on the day after next. A 20-minute interval training the next day and then strength training, and interval training. You should not perform strength training for two days straight because the muscles have not had an enough time for recovering.

Along with the routine, it is necessary to ensure that you are eating properly. Be aware that crappy diet and good fitness training would not get anywhere else. Eat healthful foods such as nuts, lean meat, vegetables, and fruits because your own diet is 80% of your own failure of success.

This simple body weight strength training exercise is suited for beginners out there. This would give them the chance to turn their ultimate vision into reality, which in turn would make their life more meaningful to live in. This would guarantee satisfaction that they want to attain essential for keeping them motivated.

Low Impact Exercises

This workout for beginners in sports mainly targets the major muscles all throughout the body in from each of the exercise. By means of the movements that are beginner friendly, you can expect that you can easily follow the routine, so expect that you would not have difficulty in making the most out of it.

Jog in place jacks.

This is a very easy form of exercise and all you have to do is walk lightly in place and slow jumping jack motion with your own arms. Considering that you need to progress, you should change your own walking motion to jogging, marching, full or high knees jumping jack while increasing the speed of the arm movement as you increase difficulty of the movement of your own leg.

Windmill steps.

You begin this with side step and let your own trailing leg come behind with slight tap and at the same time add large circular swing of the arms.

Punches and static squat.

You can begin this with shallow squats and punching motion without an extra amount of weight. Hold your own squat for several seconds before you come up to continue your punches.

Static lunge.

Begin this with shallow lunge position and only your own front leg is bent while the rear leg should be extended straight. Begin a shallow lunge as well as little up to no weight in your own hands.

Curls and static lunge.

Begin this with shallow lunge with your own feet close together and very light dumbbell or only an arm weight for bicep curls.

Fingertip up to toe jacks.

You can begin this with a very slow lift of your leg reaching your own toes for each time. Increase height of your own leg and the speed of leg until you are hopping back and forth leg to leg having only one foot on the floor at a time when both of your feet are already off the floor.

The stutter step.

You can begin this with your bodyweight in just one of your legs with slight bend while placing opposite leg back for few inches behind and drive the knee up in front as you break your own hands down.

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