About Bonus Slots Machines

About Bonus Slots MachinesMost of the slot machines would have bonus games or some other bonus features and these are considered as bonus slot machines. This might often be the case with online slots or video slot machines. Bonus game would be found in most types of the slot machine such as 5 reel slots and classic slots machines, therefore, giving the player with the chances of winning extra prizes.

How will the bonus game be? First, the said bonus game would be triggered by three bonus symbols then there will be five items wherein you will choose three items to reveal the cash prizes. The bonus game would be finished and you will be back into the reels as well as the regular slot machine game.

About Bonus Slots Machines

About Bonus Slots Machines
About Bonus Slots Machines

There might be numbers of special features which might be found in most slots machines like gamble features or free spins but there will be numbers of purposes associated with slots machines. Slot machine might contain a combination of free spins, the bonus game or gamble feature. In fact, most slots might have all the three features as well as might have numbers of multiple bonus games.

Different Bonus Features

  • Bonus Game Feature. This is any sort of feature which is additional feature into the normal spin function of the slots game. Once the slot takes you into different screen wherein you would get to spin a wheel that might be considered as a bonus game. However, if the reels suddenly changed and there is a need for you to choose the symbols to know point values it will also be considered as a bonus game. Genuine bonus game will result in winning some extra credits.
  • Free Spins Feature. This is also referred as free games feature and this is where a certain player would win extra spins which they might usually have to pay for. This would be a different feature then of bonus and gamble feature. In this feature, there would be a change in sound and most of the time even color or lights flashing in order to signify once you are provided with free spins. There might as well be the countdown in order to see how many free spins you have. The machine would pay-out into any winning combinations which you land on the free spin mode.
  • Gamble Feature. In 5 reel video slots, this feature would commonly take the form of a player which is being offered the options to choose a card. This choice might either be black or red or might also guess a suit once the color of the said card is correctly guessed the winnings would be doubled as well. Once the suit is correctly guessed the winnings would be quadrupled. Gamble feature will be played usually if the player has made a winning combination and would actually have numbers of winnings to gamble with.

How to Get to Play Bonus Feature?

Free spins and bonus games are most commonly triggered by a bonus symbol like three or more symbols falling anywhere into the reels. This is the reason why it is important to look into the slots paytable as bonus symbols which will be marked clearly and there would also be a brief explanation of whether how the bonus features or free spins are triggered. In addition, scatter symbols could also trigger these bonus features.

In terms of gamble features, these could be triggered by getting the winning combination of symbols since this means that you would win the same money. There is a need for you to have something to gamble with in order to play the gamble feature.

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